Internet of Value

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Universal Martetplace

Universal Marketplace

ATYUM is a global market,
safe, professional and provides legal guarantees for both, buyer and sellers.

The platform allows the access to a wide market of  sectoral tokens.

In ATYUM you will find all kind of advanced content, from business laws to production futures, real state tokens, sports, or art.



ATYUM will list conventional fungible assets as well as new and unique finantial assets

ATYUM is compatible with different standard used for creating and issuing smart contracts such as ERC20.

The platform allows the implementation of advanced financial tokens like debt tokens or bonds.



Users will use physical wallets NDL ArcaNet to custody their tokens

  • Each user save phisically his tokens.
  • A new generation of criptos, ICOs, NFTs, STOs and much more.
  • Interoperability with other Blockchain netsworks



ATYUM was built using NDL ArcaNet

NDL ArcaNet

NDL ArcaNet allows the construction of a network of tokenization, fully decentralized, collaborative, without mining, sustenable, efficient, safe and trustworthy

Sostenibility, plasticity and escalability applied to Blockchain

ATYUM is based on the physical transfer of digital assets and the custody falls on the owners themselves who are network nodes and there is no global status of the assets of each of the wallets.

In Atyum no type of global consensus algorithm is used since the architecture of the network does not need it, and uses local consensus algorithms directly connecting the wallets of the end users.